Loved 1 was created by God and I am only discovering what it is each day ... for the ViSiON Abba gave me was "Spreading God's word and love one painting at a time."

I do believe that each painting comes from God's heart and is a message for each individual and I'm only the instrument. God's heart for each and every one of us is to know how much He loves us and His heart is to whoo us each day and that we would choose life ... life in abundance(life which only Yeshua can give). And that is Abba's heart through these paintings. That His word - [which is life] - will be spread through love - [Loved1] - for you are His beloved. For His promise stands -

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

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Here's how it works....

Some people come to me with scripture and God shows me a picture or someone gives me a picture and God gives me the scripture or prophetic word He want to give for the individual. And other times God gives everything ...from the picture to the scripture/prophetic word what He wants to bless the person with.

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The Painting to me is confirmation of two focusing factors in my life:

1. Christ the light - which is the life of men - breaking through.

2. Coming from the 4 winds Breath, and breathe on these slain. - Vera

With the excitement and expectation of the gift that came out of Abba's hand , I was really excited. The majesty, the beauty and that which Abba is saying and came out of His heart was overwhelmingly beautiful for me. - Kerneels

- Sons of God Ministries

My season's painting

A gift from you and ABBA is a life giving, exploring,  staring, listening, conversation, adoring the beauty and detail - between me and Him. It brings forth a deeper understanding and relationship with Him.

It is for each one visiting Our House a similar expierence - you find them lost for a moment appreciating, discovering and connecting...


Everytime I spend time with ABBA looking at it He releases a new revelation to me...


*Just to name a few*

* You are my Loved 1,  yes you and everyone created by Me

* In all the seasons I'm with you, yes I AM

* In the detail I know you, I created you, you might not as yet see Me, My detail in you and how you represent this to the world

* My child the seasons was creating for farming the seasons are there to expand the Kingdom. Farming on earth was a representation of how it should be    in the spirit. 

* One season leads to the next, and each season has its unique events

* I AM the only constant through the seasons throughout time - it is your choice if you want to include Me or not

* Seasons has different time periods some is short, joyful some is long and challenging others brings forth growth, others death etc.

* Each season is unique just like the feasts - there is a patern, a design an understanding that goes with it and a bigger awe at Him


It is an ongoing journey of discovering with Him in each unique season of ones body, soul and spirit

- Wy-Marie

The Cross


We were inspired some time ago to have an inspirational painting of The Cross of Jesus Christ in our home to remind us of what the Lord has done for us.  After we met Andia and saw the incredible talent that Father blessed her with, we approached her to paint us a painting.  When she shared with us her vision and passion to design paintings by combining pictures and biblical scriptures, we knew that such a project is in line of what the Holy Spirit laid on our hearts.  The combination of the picture of The Cross and the scripture which Andia received from Abba Father, was a demonstration and reminder of His Love for us.  The colours also demonstrate His blood and the scripture in white demonstrates how He cleanses us to become pure before Him.  This painting is situated in a central part of our house as inspiration to remind us and all our visitors on a daily basis of His endless Love for us.  What a blessing!

Thank you Andia for your obedience – you are a true blessing for us.  May Abba Father bless you with much more inspirations and revelations – Amen!

- Stefan & Niki

Testimony on Pomegranate and Protea painting:


Andia is a dear friend of mine to whom I’ve always looked up to as a mentor, friend and sister in Christ. I’ve always admired her God-given drawing and painting talent. She walks a very close walk with the Lord and takes time to sit at His feet in order to hear the prophetic word He has spoken over the specific painting at hand. Every single painting is Holy Spirit inspired.


At the time when I placed the order for the Pomegranate and Protea paintings, I have to confess, there was no spiritual agenda. I just though that the pictures of the pomegranates and protea, was beautiful, and that the best person to paint them was Andia.


But God is faithful and is always involved in the details. Which was exactly the case in both these paintings. During the period in which they were painted, I went through a tough time. My relationship with my father went through a test. Certain decisions on his side, hurt me and my family and had a huge impact on us. Trust was broken and anger and rebellion against him and God, settled in my heart. I felt rejected and very lonely. The usual joyful, fruitful relationship I had with the Lord, had turned into one of offence, as I held Him responsible for the hurt.


After going through a period of forgiveness towards my father as well as towards myself (as I had not acted in love and compassion) and repentance for blaming God for the situation, His overwhelming faithfulness had settled in my life. He taught me that although I may go through the shadows of the valley of death, that His rod will comfort me. That He will never leave me nor forsake me. That all things work together for the good for those who love God. That He is right beside me in every situation and is able to guide and lead me in the path of righteousness.  But most of all, that He is the God of restoration. He is able to restore far above what we could think or imagine. 


In His loving way, he showed me how wrong my attitude had been and that it was time to take responsibility for my behaviour.


My relationship with my father has been completely restored. I can honestly say that it is a stronger relationship than I could have ever imagined. Compassion and love are the foundation.


The Lord has given me the whole of Isaiah 54 just after the testing period, which explains how the Lord has called me as a deeply grieved woman, back to restoration. It explains how He will restore me to fullness (like the walls of the new Jerusalem embedded with precious jewels) and settle my spirit in His heavenly peace. The pomegranate painting is symbolic of fruitfulness and the protea painting is symbolic of my beauty in God’s eyes. How He sees me as His bride in Christ.


Only afterward as I looked up the symbolism of these two paintings, did God show me, that even in my unfaithfulness, He remained faithful. His love and adoration of me has never grown cold. Quite the contrary, the period of trial and tribulation, is the pruning process of His great love, to bring you forth as pure gold and precious stones, fruitful beyond measure.


Praise His name, for His ways are perfect and wonderful!!

- Claudia

Eagle testimony:


I’ve always had a fascination with eagles. They are such majestic, strong and aristocratic birds. When a storm threatens on the horizon, they get ready to spread their wings and get caught up with the currents to new heights. Here they can float effortlessly on the currents of the wind and have a bird’s eye view of things on earth. With their super highly intensive eyesight, it’s easy to identify and catch prey from up there. They do not fear storms and wind; they flourish in it and overcome.

When I think of the type of Christian I want to be, the picture of an eagle comes to mind. To be able to truly find joy in tribulations. To flourish in them and to overcome. To have a wonderful testimony to add to the length of my wings after tough times.

I became involved with a man at the beginning of last year. We worked together for the same company and our relationship started out as just being good friends. After a few months we started to feel attracted to each other and became romantically involved. However, the man was a man of the world. Love can be blind. I thought that it was all part of God’s plan. Everything felt like it was in place. I was the right age for a serious relationship leading to marriage, and so was he. And surely God would save him? 

Although I was in love, I felt very uncertain. There was no open communication on his part about including me in his future. I asked the Lord to show me what was His will and to help me to be obedient to His will, even if it could mean the end of the relationship. God clearly showed me in His word that I had to remove myself from the worldly ways and step out of the darkness into His light. His direct word in Romans was that I should not be conformed to this world, but be renewed so that I can determine His perfect will. 

I knew He wanted me to step out of the darkness of the relationship. And I did around April. A month after the break up, the man had another girlfriend. My heart was broken for the first time in my life. I didn’t know a pain like that existed. I lost all joy and couldn’t see the light in the tunnel of pain. The only thing that kept me sane was holding onto Jesus and onto His precious word. 

During the period of heart brokenness, I spent all my time with the Lord, constantly seeking His face, His comfort, His wisdom, His freedom, peace, love, joy. It was such an incredibly special time, as God really got rid of so many lies I believed and started rebuilding my foundation where cracks had come in over the years.

One morning I was having quiet time, when God gave me the picture of the eagle. He showed me that I am an eagle who’s wing got injured during a storm. He showed me how He picked me up and put me in a cage, so that my wing can heal. He is my keeper and provides the necessary meat and water for each day. Just enough for one day. He showed me that He wants me to get used to His voice and learn His character as He brings me food and water and spends time with me. He wants to win my trust. In this way, when He lets me free, I will always return to His arm after a flight.

This picture was incredibly precious to me. God was and is so faithful.

Now, five months after that picture, God had completely healed me and set me free. He has been completely faithful.

My loving friend, Andia, gave me this picture on my birthday, after I had shared the picture from God with her. It is the most precious thing I own, after my bible, as it reminds me of my faithful God, every time I look at it.

- Claudia