About Loved 1 Project:

God has placed a special place in my heart for orphans and kids in need .... the whole project came about when I had to give my tithing one month I was struggling to hear where God wanted me to sow and I kept on asking where/for who He wants me to give the money to and He gave me the following scripture :

"Moreover, anyone who does not provide for his own people, especially for his family, has disowned the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." 1 Timothy 5:8

at that time one of our family members where going through a rough time financially, which our own family have been through as well and I knew exactly where God wanted me to send the money to. But at the same time Abba was stirring deep in my heart the fact that we are blessed with families who are there for one another and who can be there for each other, love one another exct. BUT what about the orphans and the vulnerable children kids out there ... And that's where God's word became Rhema for me where He says that we need to take care of the orphans and widows for it is our job, to love them, teach them and be there for them in which ever way we can. For He is a Father for the Fatherless and the protector of the widow. God longs for willing hearts to be crucified hands and feet to be used for His Kingdom. 

Psalm 82:3;Isaiah 1:17;James 1:27;Exodus 22:22


Contact Person:

Manager: Eunice Ngwenya

0720609559 /0724511096


Email: Mabena.elizabethmaria@gmail.com

  • Elizabeth Mabena Care Center

Organisational Background:


Operation area:

Tekatakho Drop in Centre is situated at stand no. 242 at Tekatakho, Kabokweni, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

The late Elizabeth M.Mabena was sent by God to Tekatakho, she was staying 500km away from Kabokweni at that time. God talked to her for many years about this place she didn’t know. It was established in 2007 by the late Elizabeth Mabena who had seen a need for children around Tekatakho area. She started in 2008 serving needy children, including orphans and vulnerable children in this area. It started with 27 children and has grown to approximately 230. They come everyday after school for food, help with homework as well as learning life skills. Currently we have 6 volunteers who have committed themselves to serving at the center.

Our visionary, Mrs Elizabeth Mabena passed away in 2013 after struggling with illness for a long time. The board of directors elected her daughter, Eunice Ngwenya to take over the running and administration of the centre. As she was part from the beginning, understanding the vision and sharing a heart for needy children. Further helping the youth with skills development and helping find bursaries for further studies.

Myself, Eunice Simangele Ngwenya is the new full time project Manager for the care centre. It was never easy to step in our late founder's shoes, as I had my own dream of becoming a social worker. I wanted to help abused people and needy children. I ended up doing business studies due to limited finances in 2019. I joined youth with a mission to to discipleship training, as I wanted to help the needy and felt thirsty for God's guidance in my life. God knew why He placed me here, I remember applying for jobs with my friends when the care center was started. Late mom Elizabeth would just look at me and say God has a better offer for you, don't push yourself so hard in the job searching. I would cry and get angry and couldn't understand what she saw in me. My friends got jobs and buying themselves cars, and here I was working for free. She would just say God knows your heart and has placed something great in you. He will provide for all your needs, we serve a living God.

We started helping children with homework, but our challenge is no tables to work on and the space is shared with dining hall and food collection, thus very noisy and busy - making it hard for the children to focus on homework.

We are feeding the children 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Sundays we have a church service from 10h00 to 12h00. Our church youth is involved with helping the elderly, by cleaning their houses. We have good relationships with the home based carers in this area, an they refer orphans to us as well as information about elderly in need within this community.

We have started some income generating projects like; sewing, paper beads and recycling material for making jewelry. These funds go towards volunteers and child headed families, enabling them to buy food and improve living conditions in some way.

Our aims:

1. To cook and provide breakfast and after school meals for the children.

2. Helping children with their school work.

3. Washing and preparing school uniform for the next day.

4. Promoting problems identification and -solving strategies.

5. Facilitation educational programs (life skills, children’s rights and responsibilities).

6. Facilitate outreach programs for children.

7. Finding educational books for helping children with school work.

8. After care support an visiting their homes.

Current situation:

Many people of Tekatakho are living in extreme poverty, high unemployment rates (70%), inadequate housing , lack of infrastructure, inconsistent water supply and poor roads. Most of the people are working at neighboring an local farms with little pay. Some parents leave their children alone to go to the cities to look for work and only come back once a month. Causing some orphans to live with relatives and others are child headed families.

Our purpose:

Is the day to day caring for needy children. Feeding them 5 days a week, teaching life skills, running educational programs, incorporating bible study, helping with school work, providing food parcels monthly for vulnerable households, stepping in for school needs, building houses for needy children and regular home visits to those we are serving.

Our vision:

To build a Christian Care Centre model for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) that may be duplicated throughout South Africa and even internationally.

Main objectives:

- To provide a feeding scheme for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

- To provide day care services for children, 6 months to 4 years of age.

- To provide community service and support regarding STD/HIV/AIDS and

other related disease and their effects.

- To work in collaboration with other organizations and churches that mainly deal with health transformation and education.

- To established networks and cooperations with other stake holders including: Teachers, Nurses, Pastors, Traditional leaders, Social workers,

Counsellors and Home Based Carers etc. to support these children.

- To establish income generating projects to provide income for volunteers, child headed families and families supporting orphans.

- To build a skills centre for the children, including computer centre, library and information room, hand work room and sewing room.



• Not proper closing kitchen units

• Cooking utensils

• Computers,when we help the children with their school work we are struggling with one computer.

•  Skill centre,for computers and sewing projects to operate.

• Plastering and paint for outside, to be visible and colourful and sign boards for direction.

• Permanently fitted tables and chairs were children can sit and eat outside. The hall is not big enough for eating and doing home work at the

same time. And with rainy season, everyone cannot fit inside.

• Car to help us with collecting food and donations, moving around attending training/workshops and running errands.


Upcoming events:


We are planning a motivation and educational camp for the children in December during the school holiday. The plan is to have different speakers from churches, department of education, department of health, and other organizations.


Also in December we are planning to have a big family Christmas day with children and their caregivers. For this we are trying to raise funds for gifts and food.


We’ve started monthly birthday parties for every child. Anyone who wants to help building our nation is welcome in the name of our Mighty GOD.


Feeding days:

We are busy with a feeding scheme 6 days a week, Monday to Friday and then Sunday again. For the small children we are giving soft porridge in the morning and lunch and for the school going children only lunch.

Volunteers helping at the centre:


Project Manager:    Eunice Ngwenya

Administrator:         Ronny Chiloane

Kitchen:                   Sindi Mashego

Kitchen:                      Thuli

Day Carer:              Olga

Part-time volunteer: Sindy Mashego

Children benefitting from the feeding scheme:

Children attending after school = 104

Orphans = 16

Child headed families of 3 houses = 7

Children staying with grandmothers/caregivers = 9 Children staying with single parents = 23

Children staying with both parents, but unemployed = 22 Number of children staying with both parents and working =16 Total = 197


SWOT analysis:


- Continuous support from Rumberg beef for 15 bags of mielie meal every month.

- A piece of land where we are planting vegetables for food supply.

- Monthly food support from Isow concrete.

- Support from Rumberg Beef for afval once a week.

- Food parcels for needy families.


- Limited funding for high demand of needy children.

- No equipment and toys for small children at day care center. - Lack of skills training.

- Lack of own transport for running errands.



- To have a piece of land where we are planting vegetables sustainable food supply.

- R6000 monthly from Australian donor, used for feeding scheme and groceries.

- Opening day care centre with reduced fees.



- High turnover of volunteers, due to no financial incentive.

- Food and fuel prices increasing.

- Increasing number of children needing support.

- Children struggling at school


Thank you 

 Psams 27 : 10 "When my Mother and my Father forsake me God will take care of me."